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No.1 Soccer Camps Partents With Adidas

Soccer Camps

No. 1 Soccer Camps announced its new partnership with Adidas for 2014. The venture will join two industry leaders to provide the finest in soccer apparel for the nationwide No.1 Soccer Camps Company.

Founded by a professional World Cup Coach, Joe Machnik, No.1 Soccer Camps has been producing quality soccer players since 1977. Built on the backbone of over 38 years of proven training techniques and designed to bring out the best in every player, No. 1 Soccer Camps have trained over 78,000 players throughout the US and Germany.

Founder and President of the No1 Soccer Camps, Dr. Joe Machnik, spoke about  adidas becoming the official  apparel company for No1 Soccer Camps in 2014: “This partnership will provide to our many campers and staff an opportunity to embrace and promote the adidas brand and vice versa. Adidas been the number one soccer shoe and apparel company in the world and a relationship with the long time leader of the American soccer camp phenomenon, No.1 Soccer Camps, makes complete sense, looking at it from every possible perspective.”

Adidas representative Bill Harte spoke of the partnership:  “On behalf of adidas we are proud to be a part of No1 Soccer Camps. This is an organization that has set a precedence in the soccer community that should be looked up to.  With their success and growth, we feel this is a great partnership in many ways. For the past 38 years No 1 Soccer Camps has been recognized as one of the premier soccer camps that provides a legitimate program to players at all ages and levels. This is exactly what we look for when sponsoring or being part of any program.  Adidas will certainly support programs when it comes to youth development and with this new partnership with the No1 Soccer Camps, it’s clear we are staying true to our mission.”

No.1 Soccer Camps has 21 locations nationwide with three new offerings this summer. For further information, consult