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The No.1 Soccer Camps College ID Camps provides you with a unique College Recruiting Experience. The directors of our College ID Camps are all college coaches. In addition, the College ID Camps allow you to be seen by, and to work directly with college coaches and their assistants from programs all over the US. In accordance with NCAA rules our camp is open to “any and all entrants, limited only by camp enrollment, age, grade level and or gender.”

With the NCAA’s extension of the Division 1 “Dead Period” until April 15th, 2021, No. 1 Soccer Camps has optimized their College Recruiting Experience to assist you find the right college for you. In addition to you working directly with college coaches at our sessions, we will video tape the sessions and share them you. This will help you promote yourself to prospective College coaches. Coaches and players now have the ability to recruit and be recruited anywhere in the country thereby vastly improving player and school options.

In order to land a collegiate scholarship, players need to be proactive and be seen. Attending the No. 1 Soccer Camps College Recruiting Experience is an important step in accomplishing both! We are here to assist players realize their dream of playing at the collegiate level.
During the NCAA D-1 Dead Period, NAIA, JUCO, Division II and Division III coaches may attend in person if their schools allow them to recruit off campus. A list of committed colleges who will work with you and recruit is listed below.

The No. 1 Soccer Camps College Recruiting Experience is not just a single day event. Included are virtual calls to assist players through the college recruiting process, specifically during Covid times. Learn about the process, timelines, how and who to contact to save you thousands on college costs. Registered players will also have private access to informative video recordings, spreadsheets, power points, and other materials to help be seen by and attend their desired school.

No. 1 Soccer Camps has a 44 year history of producing the finest players and coaches in the US which means our collegiate coaches may be found in almost every state.

Typical details on the one day events:
Players will receive their jersey number upon arrival. They will also have the chance to introduce themselves on camera to allow college coaches to easily identify them. The players will then be exposed to a real college training session, led by a college coach. This allows you to work directly with one of our college coaches in attendance. The players will then play in small sided games, also coached by a college coach, and finally a full sided game will finish the on-field experience. Once the field sessions are concluded the players, coaches and parents will meet to have presentation and question and answer session about the college recruiting process.

After the event, you will receive a copy of the tape of the sessions from the event as well as numerous video and virtual presentations to assist you find the school of your dreams.
Due to Covid rules, regulations and safety protocols, there will be limited space available in the showcase. Spots are on a first come basis, and we will have a wait list in place as this program sells out quickly.

College Coaches, if you would like to attend one of these events, please email

Click on the Site your are interested in attending for more details and to see a list of the colleges who have committed to attend.

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