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Why Choose Us?

America’s Top Camp since 1977: 43 years of Continuous Operation Campsites ….a No.1 Soccer Camp near You. The Name “No 1” denotes ….quality facilities, staff, programming

No. 1’s Tradition of Excellence: No.1 Soccer Camps is conducted at excellent facilities with prime playing surfaces, accommodations and dining amenities No.1 Staff has been a virtual Who’s Who in American Soccer with a strong list of international contributors.No.1 Soccer Camps programming addresses play in front of the goal on both sides of the ball in a competitive environment at three levels designed to bring out the very best in young talent through educationally sound teaching methodology and strong pedagogy.

Over 85,000 improved soccer playing graduates: Camper Alumni list includes 5 current MLS Goalkeepers and a current Leading Striker on the US Men’s National Team. Outstanding Number of former No. 1 Soccer Campers in the Starting Lineups of both the boys/girls US U15,and U17 youth National Lineup and men’s/women’s, U20, and U23 teams as well as countless others who have received athletic financial aid to play soccer at American institutions of higher education. Including four current women STAFF COACHES who played in this year’s NCAA Women’s Final Four.Comprehensive 75 point Camper Evaluation and Development Plan provided each participant.

Exciting, Motivating & Inspirational Program with Graduated Levels: Three plus field sessions daily, each ending with appropriate positional competition between field players and goalkeepers with the focus on the intrinsic values of play. Challenging and fun from learning evening sessions whereby skill is tested in the match and match related. Small adjustable group learning structure based on age, size and ability with continual movement between groups as abilities develop and mature. Our Elite Training Program for high school players to ready themselves for a new playing environment.

A) No. 1 Youth Camps, Boys & Girls, Ages 7 to 10
B) No. 1 Soccer Camps, Boys & Girls, Ages 9 to 14
C) Elite Training Camps, Boys & Girls, Ages 14 to 19
D) National Training Center for Goalkeepers, Ages 13 to 18
E) College Showcase ID Camps, Boys & Girls, Ages 13 to 18

No. 1 Soccer Camps

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