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New for 2019 – No. 1 National Training Centers for Goalkeepers

The No.1 National Training Centers for Goalkeepers

Boy and Girls

Ages U13-U18

The No.1 National Training Centers for Goalkeepers will provide a comprehensive and stimulating Goalkeeper specific training opportunity. For over 40 years the No.1 Soccer Camps have provided the most inclusive, comprehensive and pertinent Goalkeeper training in the country. Founded by Dr. Joseph Machnik, the No.1 Goalkeeper Camps were the first of its kind to offer specialized training in the most important area of the field, the 35 yards in front of the goal. The alumni, players and coaches who attended the No.1 Goalkeeper camp is without equal. Numerous goalkeepers-male and female have gone on to play in the World Cup, Internationally, professionally and collegiately, ours is a successful list unmatched by any camp organization in the world.

A primary reason for this incredible record of success is our staff of accomplished professional goalkeeper coaches who consistently aspire to research, dissect and then design pertinent training sessions. There have been an influx of opinions on everything from proper catching technique to proper diving technique, providing ample opportunity for debate and experimentation. All-in-all, the arguments continue to rage. And as the tactical shop-talk persists among soccer circles, so does the evolution of the goalkeeper position and the “right way” to do it amongst the goalkeepers. The demand on the modern goalkeeper as played by the likes of DeGea, Allison, Nauer, Bardsley and Solo is much different than even five years ago. You are unique and possess a unique skill set, our goal will be to accentuate your strengths and encourage continued growth through an intensive goalkeeper specific environment.

The No.1 Goalkeepers Camp has always provided a forward thinking curriculum and in 2019 we are once again putting modern methodologies to the test, where they matter most, on the field-35 yards from the penalty area as always we are offering groundbreaking training situations.

Our National Training Centers will focus on the following:

  1. Become a coach on the field, a goalkeeper who effectively organizes and directs teammates from an optimal viewpoint. Exudes confidence and becomes a true leader.
  2. Have the requisite passing skills and tactical awareness to make correct decisions under pressure and be an effective first line attack.
  3. Have the ability to read the game by correct positioning in order to deal with through balls behind the defensively line, deal effectively with crosses and eliminate the opponents goal scoring chances.
  4. The necessary athleticism, quickness and technical skills to be able to deal with 1v1 situations, shots on goal and for reaction and reflex saves.

Our National Training Centers will provide extensive feedback from our knowledgeable, professional staff via, 1on 1 meetings, verbal evaluations, video evaluations and a detailed written evaluation. Our National Training Centers for Goalkeepers is an incredible opportunity to get the intensive specialized training required to be the No.1 Goalkeeper on your team, and provide you with a pathway to achieve future growth and success both on and off the field.

Typical Day Schedule

7:30am Training accountability- exercises that you can do yourself to improve footwork, handling, coordination as well as speed, agility and quickness.
8:30 Breakfast – plan your day
9:30 Lesson- Reading the play- effectively dealing with through balls
11:30 Session review and individual feedback
12:00 Lunch
1:00  Regeneration: effective Goalkeeper prehab/ rehab exercises
2:00  Lesson- Deal with back passes under pressure
4:00 Session review- video review
5:00 Dinner
6:00  Penalty Kick lesson, study the three types of Penalty Kicks
6:30 Goalkeeper specific Dynamic warm-up
7:00 Penalty Kick contest
8:30 Regeneration: Nutrition
9:00 Evening Lecture: Develop effective communication skills
10:30 Lights out