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For Your Information


No.1 Soccer Camps integrates two separate and distinct positions into a vibrant, exciting and educationally sound “Go to Goal” soccer camp experience.

No. 1 Soccer Camp is appropriate for all field players, forwards, midfielders and defenders, wishing to hone their skills on both sides of the ball in the one third of the field directly in front of the goal.

No. 1 Goalkeeper Camp exposes goalkeepers to technical and tactical elements of goalkeeping in match related decision making trial and success situations with field players.


The No.1 Soccer Camps is committed to ensuring a positive experience for our participants and families who choose to attend the No.1 Soccer Camps. While we endeavor to have all of the information on this site needed to register for the camp of your choice, should you need additional information or have any questions please feel free to call us at 571-428-8387 or email us at As you get closer to the start of camp, you will receive a confirmation and a detailed email from the camp director with directions to camp, check-in and other important details.


All registrations must be done on-line using No. 1’s website registration process. Click on any Register Now button to begin the process.  A deposit is accepted at the time of registration and up to 30 days prior to the start of camp. If you register within 30 days of the start of your selected camp full payment is due. If you have made a deposit, then the outstanding balance due after the deposit will be automatically processed 30 days prior to the camp start date to the credit card that is on file.  Once the registration process is complete you will receive a confirmation email. Please remember your account information for return access. Registration payments can be made by Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover. Custom payment plans are available by contacting the camp office.

Campers enrolling in a second No. 1 session in the same year receive a $100 discount off the second camp tuition. Immediate family members enrolling in the same camp session entitle the second child to a $50 discount with each child thereafter a $25 discount. These discounts cannot be coupled with other discounts and is not applicable to the No. 1 Soccer Camps Youth Academy or College ID Camps. These discounts will be automatically applied at checkout.

We will honor roommate request to the best of our ability. Each camp housing unit differs and often changes from year to year at certain camp locations. Occupancy in dorm rooms range from doubles to suites holding several campers. No.1 will do everything to honor your request, but it cannot be guaranteed.

Prepare for Camp

Each camper is required to submit a completed PLAYER PROFILE/CAMP MEDICAL FORM signed by a physician. You may attach another record of medical examination to No.1’s Health form if the exam was completed within one (1) year of the camp start date. A physician’s signature is required. Some Campsites have additional forms unique to the state that the camp is located. These are required by the State Health Department and/or School host sites. Please refer to your specific site prior to seeing your physician in order to have the correct physical/health exam for completed.

Click here for required form: PLAYER PROFILE/CAMP MEDICAL FORM

All forms are to be brought to camp on registration day and are not to be mailed, faxed or scanned to a particular camp location or office. Campers may not be allowed to participate in camp activities if the appropriate PLAYER PROFILE/CAMP MEDICAL FORM is not submitted.

No.1 provides a suggested PACKING LIST, which may be downloaded and printed by clicking here: PACKINGLIST.   You will also receive additional details from your specific site director. Coolers may be brought for drinks, although retrieving ice is optional at each campsite. Drinks and snacks are welcome and will be most appreciated by your campers. It is strongly recommended that campers DO NOT bring valuables, electronic toys and equipment, computers, iPads etc.

Campers are permitted to bring their cell phones to camp. We ask that their cell phone be turned off during field sessions and lectures. The camper has complete responsibility for loss or damage during the camp session.

Camp Directors will contact parents via email shortly before the camp session begins with step by step information specific to their campsite.

Campers who drive themselves to camp must voluntarily turn in their car keys at registration for security purposes. Campers are not permitted to leave campus at any time during their camp stay. Keys shall be returned at camp’s end.

Come to Camp

The No. 1 Soccer Camps will send you a detailed informational email prior to your camp with important details regarding check-in location and other relevant instructions to ensure that check-in and your move into the dorm goes as smoothly as possible. Registration is generally between 12:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. at each campsite and usually takes place in front of or inside the resident dormitory. When you arrive on campus you will see signs directing you to registration.

Most facilities require a deposit to cover the replacement of a lost room key/card or dining card. If lost, these keys or cards will be replaced during the week of camp. If the key/card is lost or is not returned at the end of camp, the deposit will be used to offset the cost of replacement charged to us by the host institution.

The schedule for the week will be provided to you and your camper at registration.

Each of our five distinct programs have schedules that are appropriate for the age and structure of that camp.

A typical day of camp will look like this:

7:00 Wake-Up
7:30 Breakfast
8:30 Commuters/Day Campers Arrive
8:45 Assembly

9:00-11:30 Field Session

12:00 Lunch
2:00 – 4:00 Field Session
4:15 Day Campers Depart

5:00 Dinner
6:30-8:30 Field Session
8:30 Commuters Depart

9:00 Snack Bar
9:30-10:30 Lecture and Film
11:00 Lights Out

First aid care at camp is provided by a certified athletic trainer specifically hired for that purpose. In case of an emergency, campers will be brought to a local hospital or heath care facility to which campers will be transported by ambulance if necessary. Parents will be immediately contacted. Parents will also be notified if an injury or illness necessitates a camper missing more than one field session.

Most No.1 camp locations provide a snack bar with various snacks, drinks and the ability to purchase pizza in the evening. If there is a No.1 Camp Store on location, it would only be available on opening or closing day. Therefore it is not necessary for campers to bring more than $30 to camp. Please supply your camper with dollars bills – singles, fives or tens.

Where a swimming pool is available, campers are encouraged to swim at the designated No. 1 swim period. Lifeguards and adult supervision is provided. These swim sessions are designed as a regeneration session. We do not make swimming mandatory at any site. Campers choosing not to enter the pool are supervised by No. 1 Staff until the end of swim period.

Parents are encouraged to visit their child during any on-field camp session. Parents or guests are not permitted unsupervised visitation in the dormitory.  Parents and guardians are not permitted to remove the camper from camp without prior communication with the No. 1 Camp Director.

The typical No.1 Soccer Camp has an approximate staff/camper ratio of 1:8. All staff members reside in the dormitory and accompany campers from the dorm to the fields, pool, cafeteria, meeting rooms etc. Camp is organized into small groups and attendance in each group is taken prior to each session. Male and female campers and staff are separated either by floors or in separate housing units.

End of Camp

No.1 Soccer Camps takes great pride in the quality of camper evaluation facilitated by our 75 POINT EVALUATION FORM. Each camper is presented their evaluation after the field session on the last day of camp. Coaches will discuss their evaluation individually with each camper and their parents are welcome to join. If you have any questions regarding the Evaluation Form please address it at camp with your coach. The Evaluation is often used for recruiting purposes as college and club coaches throughout the country are familiar with its validity and reliability.

Parents are strongly encouraged to follow the sign-out procedure. A station will be set up in the resident dorm for parents to check-out and return the room key. If a key is not returned the school will forward the charge to No.1 and we will pass it on to you. If a parent designates someone else to pick up their child, a written note giving that adult permission must be provided upon-check-out.

We value your comments and feedback about our camp. Feel free to contact your No.1 Camp Director directly or the No.1 Camp Office with any feedback deemed necessary. We also hope that you will participate in an on-line survey that will be sent to you shortly after the conclusion of your camp. This comprehensive Camper Satisfaction Survey done on-line will enable parents and campers to evaluate their child’s overall camp experience based on the quality of instruction, staff interaction and campsite facility. We welcome your comments.

Refund Insurance/Cancellation Policy

Please understand that these policies are not meant to be punitive, an inconvenience or hassle to our families. We incur a number of costs ahead of each camp based upon anticipated numbers of attendees and guarantees required by our facilities. In the event that an institution or facility decides to close the camp venue due to Covid or Force Majeure, a complete refund, minus the registration fee will be processed.  In order to provide a first class, efficient and safe registration process we contract with the Active Network. Active does not, under any circumstances refund the processing fee that is charged upon registration.

We have distinct ways to deal with requests for refunds or cancellations. Refund/Credits of ANY kind will only be honored if the request is received in writing (email) seven (7) days prior to the start of camp or event.

  1. Refund Insurance: No.1 Soccer Camps offers families optional Camp Cancellation/Refund Insurance for a one time non-refundable fee of $40.00 per session, due at the time of registration. This insurance entitles you to a full refund of camp tuition fees paid to date, as long as the request for the refund occurs seven (7) days prior to the camp or event.
  2. Cancellation Credit: No.1 Soccer Camps will issue a camp credit for tuition payments made to date in the event you need to cancel. Your camp credit is transferable to an immediate family member and is valid for one year. Campers who choose to cancel within 7 days of the start of camp or who do not check-in and attend their registered camp session will receive No Refund or credits and forfeit all camp fees paid.
  3. No refunds or credits will be given for voluntary withdrawal, no-shows, or expulsions from camp. Request for refunds based upon the subjective evaluation of the skill of other campers or staff will not be entertained.
  4. Injury at Camp: In the event that an injury occurs that affects participation while at camp, a refund or credit will be decided on a case by case basis. A camp credit is only good for one year.
  5. Medical Departure Policy: If it is determined by the on-site Athletic(s) Trainer and medical staff that a camper will not be able to continue training due to a medical reason, and if the camper is picked up from camp at that time, then the portion of time missed will be issued as a Prorated Credit to attend a future camp the following year. Please contact the camp office for further information.

Transfer Policy: Transfer of tuition to another camp or family member is permitted pending space availability. Transfers are only valid for the year in which the application is received.

Please understand that these policies are not meant to be an inconvenience or hassle to our families. We incur a number of costs ahead of each camp based on anticipated numbers of attendees.

Full Camps: Certain No. 1 Soccer Camps close out early as No.1 endeavors to create an educationally sound atmosphere, unencumbered by field or housing limitations. An early registration is the safe way to ensure your child’s acceptance into camp. In the event that a camp is full, we will gladly put you on a waiting list.

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