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The Secret To Success

The Secret to Success: Why Winning Isn’t Everything in Player Development

By No. 1 Regional Director Graeme Orr

 It is evident that we now live in a world where we want to see our children experience immediate success. If we are unhappy with individual results over a short period of time, we will instantly look to find another team, another club, or another coach for our son or daughter to play for. We often find ourselves asking young children “Did you win?” instead of the more important question “Did you have fun and learn something new?” and this is highlighted in youth sports every day within the United States. There are a variety of different options available now to young soccer players with Soccer Academies, ECNL, ODP and High School to name a few, therefore, if we are unhappy, it becomes easy to find another option.

As a college coach, I believe the growth of the game has increased enormously in the past decade and every program named above will serve a purpose and create success stories along the way. However, we have to ask ourselves how many of these programs are focused on the process of improving technique and how many are purely focused on results. Joe Machnik’s No.1 Soccer Camps provide a unique environment where young soccer players can break down their individual technique as well as apply it in a match-related game.

I believe that in order to really develop individual technique, you must be willing to work at the skill on a daily basis; not just the 90-120 minutes you spend with your club each week. I truly believe that the Machnik method is the best coaching tool I have witnessed in my career as it enhances player development over a very short period of time.

There is no doubt that the United States is full of great coaches that will develop talented players but the Machnik method used at No.1 Soccer Camps will give players a technical breakdown that most of them have never received before in areas such as: passing, receiving, placement shooting, and power shooting to name a few. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to No.1 Soccer Camps in the summer of 2004, and I realized very quickly that the Machnik method allowed players to gain an invaluable experience using instruction and positive reinforcement as well as playing match-related games; both field players and goalkeepers.

The patient atmosphere created at No.1 Soccer Camps allows players to work individually and collectively on skills that their club coaches do not have time for which is why I would strongly recommend the camps to any player who wants to develop their game technically. No.1 Soccer Camps also benefits young coaches who are looking to learn the game from some of its best teachers.

Words cannot express how fortunate I was to learn so much throughout the summer as a young staff coach from the following coaches and current No.1 staff directors: Clark Brisson, Mike Potier, Billy Gordon and Naomi Clarke. I cannot think of many other coaching opportunities that provide a lifetime of networking that No.1 Soccer Camps have given myself and many other coaches and players that are now in the coaching world.

graeme-orrNo. 1 Regional Director Graeme Orr has been with No.1 Soccer Camps since 2003.  In addition, he is also the Head Coach of the University of West Alabama Women’s Soccer Team. No. 1 Soccer Camps at University of West Alabama will be under the direction of Graeme Orr and will offer Junior Academy and Senior Academy Programs for players aged 10-18 from July 9th – 12th. For more information on our Alabama location, or any of our other sites for 2016, please visit our website at