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Off The Pitch with JJ Lacorte

Off The Pitch with JJ Lacorte

Four Year No. 1 Soccer Vero Beach Camper JJ LaCorte discusses his experiences with No. 1 Soccer Camps

No. 1 Soccer Camp at Vero Beach directed by Mike Potier has influenced me so much to be a great soccer player. Four years ago was when I first started the No.1 Camps, I was a mediocre player at the time, but that all changed. After every year I attended the No.1 Camps, I have excelled in making huge accomplishments such as going on an international trip to Costa Rica with ODP. Other things I have achieved are becoming a three time ODP participant at the state and regional level, being invited to a prodigious soccer academy school in Minnesota, and making honorable mention for the 2013 soccer season.
No. 1 Soccer Camps has one on one experience with coaches and players which is incredibly important for me to feel comfortable and improve. Every camper’s bond with everyone at the camp lasts for a lifetime. Learning different skills with every session is amazing because your remember it all! The most fascinating part is that it’s easily the most interesting and fun camp to attend anywhere I’ve ever been. No. 1 Soccer Camps have changed me as a player, pushing me to strive for greatness, and I recommend this camp to absolutely everyone.
 JJ LaCorte is a four year Camper at No. 1 Soccer Camps Vero Beach location. For more information or to register for our Vero Beach site, Click Here.

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