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Woodstock Academy Day Camp – July 8, 2024 – July 11, 2024

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Future Stars Camp
(For Field Players & Goalkeepers)
Ages 5 to 8
9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Tuition: $150

Junior Academy
(For Field Players & Goalkeepers)
Ages 9 to 13
9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Monday to Wednesday and 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on Thursday
Players will be grouped by age and ability level.
Tuition: $250

Camp Health Waiver


Soccer Camp Details

Woodstock Academy
176 Route 169
Woodstock, CT 06281

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Woodstock academy is located in the beautiful rolling hills of  Northeast Ct located 45 mins from Hartford CT,30 mins from Worcester MA.

Half Day – Future Stars Camp 
Age appropriate instruction and exercises will be the keys to a successful and enjoyable camp experience. The focus of this camp is on the core techniques necessary at this developmental stage. From fun games, to competitions that incorporate skill development, the players in this camp will be exposed to activities that expand their skill level and enlighten their understanding of the game. This will all be done in a fun and entertaining way. Players will be broken into age appropriate groups.

Junior Academy
The Junior Academy is designed for boys & girls, goalkeepers and field players ages U9-14. The program has been designed to build a foundation that will help the participant’s progress to the next level. This will be accomplished in a fun, entertaining and positive environment. Repetitions with the ball will give this group the confidence needed in the over 1,000 Go to Goal situations players are exposed to throughout the week. The Machnik Method, a pediological approach to training, is present in every session.  All topics, exercises and games will be engaging and pertinent for this age group and ability level.  For our goalkeepers and our field players we will stress proper technical development with the ability to use real live situations in match related activities to challenge themselves and to execute those skills at the highest level.

Our focus will be on the current US Soccer player development model, that explores the six Key Qualities of a U.S Soccer Player.

They are:
1)    Game understanding and decision making:  The ability to read and understand the game to be able to make autonomous decisions.
2)    Initiative:  Take initiative and be proactive
3)    Focus:  The ability to focus for the duration of a match in their task.
4)    Optimal Technical:  Execute their task for the duration of their match with optimal technical ability
5)    Optimal Physical:  Execute their task with optimal physical ability.
6)    Responsibility:  Take responsibility and accountability for your own development and performance.

Competitive tournaments will be played throughout the week. Players will have the opportunity to compete against other teams (World Cup), against other players (Dutch) and against themselves (Pressure Training).

Our incredible staff looks forward to providing an unprecedented week of soccer instructions at the No. 1 Soccer Camps. Come join America’s Top Camp program for goalkeepers and field players playing on both sides of the ball and become part of the No.1 Soccer Camps family of over 90,000 satisfied and improved players who have made their mark on soccer fields across the country.

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