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Ask Our Coaches: College Prep

Goalkeeper Camp

Question: Coach, you have experience playing and coaching players at the highest levels. What can a player expect when they attend a College Prep week at the No.1 Soccer Camps?  – Adam M. Chattanooga TN.


Regional Director Chad Liddle: Thank you for your question regarding the College Prep section for No.1 Soccer Camps.  Our camp site has more international campers than most sites and most of these campers are in the college prep program which adds to the training experience.  In addition, we do a great deal of college recruiting guidance, speed and agility testing, and we use the Soccer Academy’s indoor turf / performance center to train with cutting edge equipment.  Campers will get on vertimaxes, work with TRX, Vipr, and we are looking to add video training analysis. For more specifics on No. 1 Soccer Camps College Prep Program, Click Here.

Each No. 1 Soccer Camps College Prep site is uniquely specialized to best utilize the staff and experience they have. If you have a specific site in mind to attend, I would recommend that you contact that director for more specific information regarding there program. We have College Prep Programs at the following No. 1 Soccer Camp Sites for 2014. Click for dates: University of DallasVero BeachSalisburyClaremontDarlington, and West Conn.

Coach Chad Liddle is No.1 Soccer Camps Regional Director at the Darlington School location in Rome, GA.