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Striker Camp

No. 1 Field Players Camp

Become the best striker you can be

We call it the No. 1 Field Playes Camp, because we train all positions, all players will benefit from the “Go to Goal: curriculum which concentrates on play in the final third of the field on either side of the ball.

Each camper will learn to attack and defend the various tactical situations which challenge the complete player in today’s all inclusive modern game. Attackers defend and defenders attack with over 1,000 “Go to Goal” opportunities in a typical camp week.

Learn the various techniques and strategies in placement and long range shooting, near and far post runs, bicycle kicks and more.

Become a top goal scorer! Learn to defend and come forward to take advantage of goal scoring situations at free kicks and corners. Hone your penalty kick skills. Become the No. 1 player on your team.

Among the topics which are included in the No.1 Striker Camp program at the various levels are:

  • Placement shooting
  • Receiving Balls
  • 1v1 Fakes and Feints
  • Chipping & Lobbing
  • Near and Far Post Runs
  • Goal Scoring Theory (Lecture)
  • Target Play
  • Penalty Kicks
  • Taking Players On
  • Footwork & Speed Training
  • Tackling & Dispossession Play
  • The Art of Flying: Dutch Tournament – Bicycle Kicks & Side Volleys
  • Dribbling for Speed
  • Breakaway Technique & Tactics
  • Shootout Competition
  • Long Range Power Shooting
  • Small Group & Combination Play
  • Attacking Numbers Up & Down
  • Interval & Pressure Training
  • Recognizing & Exploiting Keeper Weaknesses
  • Striker Wars
  • Shootout Competition- 35 Yards
  • Penalty Kick Shootout
  • Dutch Tournament
  • World Cup Tournament

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