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Learn To Work Together

The No.1 Soccer Camps Team Program has established a specialized “No.1 Team Curriculum” that combines the intricate details of the No.1 Soccer Camps Program in concert with specific team needs as identified by your coach or manager to ensure an incredible week of training. Many successful teams have prepared for their season by participating either as an entire team or with smaller groups of team members.

Teams of all ages can choose to group members together to facilitate team unity, cohesion and chemistry. Our dedicated No.1 Staff coaches and directors will work closely with team coaches and managers that request specific training or identify team objectives requiring work at camp. The Team camp provides specialized training for field players of every position, as well as for goalkeepers. Your goalkeepers will receive a week of intensive specialized training in our renown goalkeeper camp and then report to their team for further work and inclusion in total team tactics and activities.

Teams can register in any of our Programs according to the age and competition level in which they compete. U13 Teams and younger are registered in the Jr.Academy program while U14 Teams and older are registered in the Sr.Academy Program. Teams getting ready for the high school season, or an important tournament can use this week of specialized training to improve as a group. In addition, the ability to grow in unity and develop a greater sense of “team” with team building exercises, developed by the No.1 Staff, will help team cohesion and team chemistry.



Discounts are awarded to teams or groups. Please contact your Camp Director to secure your discount rate which is dependent upon the campsite and program chosen. The Camp Director will assist you with our easy to navigate on-line registration process. They will also work closely with you to develop the program that best fits your team or groups specific needs.

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