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No. 1 Soccer Camps




The goal of the No.1 College Prep Performance Academy is to provide an incredible environment where serious soccer players will be exposed to the highest level of instruction in anticipation of playing at the highest level possible. The No.1 Soccer Camps College Prep Performance Academy is available for individuals looking to be challenged in a highly competitive soccer environment, while being assessed by guest collegiate coaches as well as our No.1 Senior Staff Coaches. Our goal is to improve individual play through demanding field sessions, and insightful seminars about playing at the highest level. High Performance Seminars will be led by trusted experts in their field and will include: Sports Nutrition, Soccer Specific Conditioning, ACT/SAT Preparation and Sport Psychology. Goalkeepers and field players will be exposed to an intensive training environment for those who are serious about fulfilling their potential. Due to the uniqueness of this specialty program enrollment will be limited, and will only be offered at Select No.1 Soccer Camp Sites. This camp is available to serious soccer players aged 15 and older.
At select No. 1 Soccer Camp sites where we will also host a No. 1 College Showcase ID event, your enrollment in the College Prep Performance Academy will also include, at no additional cost, enrollment into the College Showcase ID Camp. Additional details regarding both events will be sent to you upon receipt of your registration.


  • Competitive Shooting Exercises
  • Finishing in the Box Drills
  • When in Doubt…Shoot
  • Complex Training Drills
  • Individual Forward Training
  • Mental Toughness Development Playing
  • Defensive Role of the Striker
  • Attacking out of the Back
  • Group Tactics Leading to 11-A-Side
  • Beating an Offside Trap
  • Vision in the 11-A-Side Game
  • Training the Playmaker
  • Changing Point of Attack
  • Beating the Offside Trap
  • Beating a Sweeper
  • Against a Flat Back Three or Four
  • Playing as a Target Player
  • Laws of the Game for Strikers
  • Match Analysis
  • High Performance Seminars


  • Plyometrics & Advanced Footwork
  • Role of the Sweeper/Keeper
  • Vision in the 11-A-Side Game
  • Group Tactics Leading to 11-A-Side
  • Defending Restarts
  • Laws of the Game for Goalkeepers
  • High Performance Seminars
  • Interval & Pressure Training
  • Mental Toughness Development
  • Attacking out of the Back
  • Playing Behind a Flat Back Three or Four
  • Complex Shoot/Save Training Exercises
  • Goalkeeper Circuit Training

Due to the uniqueness of this specialty program, enrollment will be limited and offered only at select No.1 Soccer Camp sites.



Date/Time Event
07/21/2018 - 07/25/2018
Benedictine University - July 21, 2018 - July 25, 2018
Benedictine University, Lisle Illinois
07/22/2018 - 07/26/2018
Western Connecticut State University - July 22, 2018 - July 26, 2018
Western Connecticut State University, Danbury Connecticut
07/29/2018 - 08/02/2018
Asheville School - July 29, 2018 - August 2, 2018
Asheville School, Asheville North Carolina
07/29/2018 - 08/01/2018
Long Island University Post - July 29, 2018 - August 1, 2018
Long Island University Post, Greenvale New York

No. 1 Soccer Camps

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